Thursday, 12 May 2011

What has happened since we last wrote

So we did finally fulfill our original blog title and make it all the way from Camberwell to Cape Town. We travelled through 3 continents & 18 Countries, on 30 long train & bus journeys (many of which were through the night & a couple were more than 24 hours!), plus 2 plane flights, 3 ferries, quite a few taxis and tuk-tuks and motorbikes and one camel. London to Cape Town is about 6000 miles as the plane flies, but I think we travelled around 9000 miles to get there. It cost a lot more in pounds and a lot less in carbon dioxide. And we had a life-changing experience of cultures and people that we may never have again (or might have in a couple of years if we want to come back and visit!) I’ve got to say that neither of us are born travellers – we didn’t chose to do this for fun and it was pretty tough at times. But I think it has shaped us and our ability to adjust to the different culture that we now live in.

Let’s go back to early October last year. We will spend a bit of time going through our experience in Dar es Salaam – mainly the reason why our blog stopped so abruptly. Then we must share a bit about our two months attending the Iris school in Mozambique, zoom onto our month in Zimbabwe, share stories from South Africa and finally report back from our long trip north – back to Pemba. I now sit in Pemba looking out on the expansive blue Indian Ocean, the sun beginning to sink in the sky. We now call this place our home. But I am skipping ahead. Back to Dar, and then onwards and upwards!


  1. Iain MacPherson12 May 2011 at 19:15

    YAAAAAY!!! Glad the blog is back on, really excited to hear more from you. Love you and miss you both! Iain
    Ps, I'll get my notes from your wedding scanned and sent to you. They are pretty sparse, I admit to some free-styling, but hopefully you'll get the idea. Was such an honour to say a little something at your wedding, really!

  2. YAY I'm excited about this too!

  3. Bill and Joyce16 May 2011 at 11:35

    Welcome back!

  4. So excited to hear what is to come. I look forward to the next instalment.

  5. Just zoomed in to your house on Sat view... how accurate is the pin? What is the big tent?

  6. The pin is pretty much right, but that photo is quite a few years old I think - they used to have a tent a while ago, but not anymore. Plus so much of what is grass in that photo is buildings now - a school, more housing etc. They have plans to build a university and a hospital at some point!