Thursday, 11 November 2010

We are safely in Pemba, Mozambique

I am so sorry that we didn't post this a month ago. We were hoping to finish off the blog in chronological order, but it has proved hard to get to the internet here & time has flown by.

We will try to have time to finish off the story of our travels - not that anyone's following it by now I imagine, but it would be good for it to be a complete record. By the way, thank you for all of you that did follow our journey - it was a strength for us as we travelled.

We have been at the Heidi & Rolland Baker School out here for 5 weeks now and have 4 more to go. If you zoom in on the map you can see where we are - right on the coast literally on the beach which is beautiful.

We are loving it. There are some hard things, but we're learning so so much and are around people who have gone ahead of us on the path we are heading down. We'll try to write more at some point.

If you are praying the main things are

- God speaking to us about what comes next, whether with Iris or not
- Health, e.g. Malaria and tummy bugs
- For God to change us and teach us and grow us, particularly in the areas less up our street (I have a longer list than Cate!)

Lots of love, Nick and Cate