Sunday, 5 September 2010

El Croco!

Hey, with Cate's new birthday camera, this blog just got a bit more blogtastic!
We will try to upload some photos as we go...

It does video as well - here is us with a pet crocodile (see Aswan post coming soon):


  1. The video was great fun to watch! So glad you made it to Aswan...was getting a bit worried about the delay in posting your blog. Good luck and keep up the entries. I like this vicarious travel. Just glad it is you not me!

    Angela and Tom ( J& B's friends)

  2. Great filming (Cate!) and (expressions!)Nick. At last something that instills fear in you both!

    It was kind of the guy to rescue it hope it sees the Nile again soon....

    lots and lots love mum xx

    Ps Turkish trousers look better than I thought Nick...