Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Our itinerary

For the dedicated and appreciated!

Here is our plan for the next couple of months... concocted in Camberwell library. As you can see it is a bit tight - but hopefully with enough space for a few mishaps along the way!

10-Aug ENGLAND to GERMANY london - paris - munich train 3h sleeper 9h
11-Aug GERMANY to HUNGARY munich - budapest train 7.5h
12-Aug HUNGARY to ROMANIA rest in budapest / budapest - bucharest sleeper 15h
13-Aug ROMANIA rest in bucharest
14-Aug ROMANIA to TURKEY bucharest - sirkeci istanbul sleeper 20h
15-Aug TURKEY rest in istanbul
16-Aug TURKEY istanbul - ankara boat .5h + train 5.5h
17-Aug TURKEY ankara - adana sleeper 11.5h
18-Aug TURKEY to JORDAN adana - antakya bus 3h antakya - aleppo bus 3h
19-Aug JORDAN to SYRIA aleppo - damascus train 4.5h
20-Aug SYRIA rest in damascus
21-Aug SYRIA damascus - amman bus 4.5h
22-Aug SYRIA to EGYPT amman - aqaba bus 4h
23-Aug EGYPT aqaba - nuweiba boat 1h
24-Aug EGYPT rest in nuweiba (mt sinai)
25-Aug EGYPT nuweiba - cairo bus 9h CATE´s birthday! a bus birthday!
26-Aug EGYPT rest in cairo
27-Aug EGYPT rest in cairo / cairo - aswan dep. 10pm sleeper 12h
28-Aug EGYPT rest in aswan
29-Aug EGYPT rest in aswan
30-Aug EGYPT to SUDAN aswan - el sad - wadi halfa boat 24h
31-Aug SUDAN rest in wadi halfa
1-Sep SUDAN wadi halfa - abri bus 6h (available wed only)
2-Sep SUDAN abri - dongola bus 8h (available thu only)
3-Sep SUDAN dongola - khartoum bus 6h
4-Sep SUDAN rest in khartoum
5-Sep SUDAN rest in khartoum
6-Sep SUDAN khartoum - gedaref bus 6h
7-Sep SUDAN to ETHIOPIA gedaref - gonder bus x 2 13h
8-Sep ETHIOPIA rest in gonder
9-Sep ETHIOPIA gonder - bahar dar bus 4h
10-Sep ETHIOPIA bahar dar - addis ababa bus 6h
11-Sep ETHIOPIA rest in addis ababa
12-Sep ETHIOPIA rest in addis ababa
13-Sep ETHIOPIA addis ababa - awasa bus 5.5h
14-Sep ETHIOPIA rest in awasa
15-Sep ETHIOPIA to KENYA awasa - moyale bus 8h
16-Sep KENYA moyale - marsabit bus 11h
17-Sep KENYA rest in marsabit
18-Sep KENYA marsabit - isiolo bus 7h
19-Sep KENYA rest in isiolo
20-Sep KENYA isiolo - nairobi bus 4h
21-Sep KENYA rest in nairobi
22-Sep KENYA rest in nairobi
23-Sep KENYA nairobi - mombasa sleeper 15h
24-Sep KENYA rest in mombasa
25-Sep KENYA to TANZANIA mombasa - tanga bus 6h
26-Sep TANZANIA rest in tanga
27-Sep TANZANIA tanga - dar es salaam bus 5.5h
28-Sep TANZANIA rest in dar
29-Sep TANZANIA rest in dar
30-Sep TANZANIA rest in dar
1-Oct TANZANIA dar es salaam - nangurukuru pick up 6h
2-Oct TANZANIA nangurukuru - lindi bus 6.5h
3-Oct TANZANIA rest in lindi
4-Oct TANZANIA lindi - mtwara bus 3h
5-Oct TANZANIA rest in mtwara
6-Oct TANZANIA to MOZAMBIQUE mtwara - mocimboa no info ? apparently a canoe may be needed?
7-Oct MOZAMBIQUE mocimboa - pemba no info?
8-Oct MOZAMBIQUE Iris harvest school starts

1 comment:

  1. and the longest road card goes to you dudies!!! that's 2 victory points straight up.

    love knowing precisely where you'll be each day, and will pray for safe journeying, enough sleep and rest, enough opportunities to stretch those leary legs, and zero explosive board game moments. speaking of which, settlers was put to very good use most nights last week on a sailing jaunt off the west coast of scotland. loved having it to hand as we anchored up each night with nothing to do but eat, drink and settle on down for the eve. blissful.

    go well learbs.